Center for Midstream Management and Sciences announces honoree

Lamar University’s Center for Midstream Management and Science is proud to recognize John W. “Wes” Johnson as its third honoree,
MCM October Honoree
John W. "Wes" Johnson
“Profiles in Midstream.”

Johnson serves on the Midstream Center's Industry Advisory Board and has assisted in multiple circumstances, including participating in the Center’s first Midstream Industry Roundtable webinar. He has also introduced several prospective investors to Dr. Chun-Wei Yao, an assistant professor in mechanical engineering working on superhydrophobic nano coating that represents a significant advance in liquid friction reduction and corrosion resistance in pipelines. In developing the upcoming Midstream Roundtable focused on corrosion, Johnson introduced us to a highly respected speaker who has since joined the team of panelists.

“It is people like Johnson who will enable us to build the Midstream Center into a problem-solving cornerstone of midstream industry, as well as a midstream thought leader,” said Thomas Kalb, director, Center for Midstream Management and Science. “We are proud to have him on our team at Lamar University and to have him as the Center for Midstream Management and Science’s Profiles in Midstream honoree.”

Johnson is a Lamar University College of Engineering alumnus with more than 20 years in the energy industry (up-, mid-, and down-stream). He is currently the Senior Vice President & Global General Manager of Aegion’s Corrpro Division, a leading provider of Cathodic Protection and Integrity Management. He has worked in the midstream services sector for 10-plus years, both internationally and domestically. Johnson has worked and has extensive knowledge in mid-stream focal areas such as inspections, coatings, manufacturing, distribution, field services and engineering. Johnson and his family reside in Cypress, TX. He earned BSIE and BSIT degrees in 1997 and 1996, respectively, from Lamar University and was a Alpha-Pi-Mu Graduate.