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College of Engineering hosts Fourth Annual SMART Camp

The College of Engineering hosted its fourth annual Math “SMART” Camp this August prior to the fall 2020 semester. Incoming students were invited to attend math skills courses on campus or participate virtually. Math Department faculty were on hand to teach and assist the students.

While SMART Camp is traditionally held entirely on campus with students invited to move into the dorms early Math Camp verticaland participate in other campus activities, due to concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s camp was scaled back to focus solely on the math course. Students were placed in a refresher course appropriate for their skill level and given membership to ALEKS tutoring software for their use throughout the year.

Math, particularly calculus, is an integral skill for engineering majors, and student success in the early math courses often predicts their success in obtaining their degree. SMART Camp provides students the opportunity to practice their skills and receive personal instruction so that they are more prepared heading into the first day of class.

“COE Math Camp provided a desperately needed refresher for all the foundational algebra and calculus I am sure to use throughout the year,” said Luis Ramirez, a freshman Chemical Engineering student from Beaumont.  “There are several concepts I forgot almost entirely but thanks to the practice and guidance, I am on a different boat heading into the semester.”

In addition to the math course, students also heard from Elijah Keal, president of the Student Engineering Council, about how to get involved in engineering student organizations and how participation on campus can lead to greater success in college and after graduation when looking for a job.

“One of the most important things you can do to make yourself competitive on the job market is to show companies that you have been involved in student organizations during college,” Keal told the students.