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A message from President Evans regarding the death of George Floyd

Lamar University

The death of George Floyd is an unspeakable tragedy. We grieve the senseless loss of life and the tumultuous events occurring across our great nation while striving to be a place of unity, peace and most of all inclusion.

This incident is most troubling to a university like Lamar University where we strive to be more diverse. We believe inclusion enhances education, cultivates open-mindedness, tolerance and appreciation and ultimately better prepares our students for the world around them.

Therefore, during this time of intense turmoil and pain, all within the Lamar University community – students, faculty, staff, alumni – must unite in respect for one another and support one another thoughtfully. Listen and seek to understand the anger and pain our fellow Cardinals are feeling. Only together can we solve problems of injustice. 

While we have not had a similar event, the tragic outcome does suggest how we view the legitimacy of what transpired. Therefore collectively, let’s resolve to create a more peaceful world, where understanding and compassion conquer racism and ignorance.


Ken Evans