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LU professors publish study in a prestigious journal

Researchers at Lamar University create a superhydrophobic coating to reduce corrosion by water-repellent and publish results in MRS.

Lamar University professors Chun-Wei Yao, Director of Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Lab at

The Yao Team

Lamar University and assistant professor of mechanical engineering,
Ian Lian, associate professor of biology with mechanical engineering doctoral student, Divine Sebastian, recently published a study analyzing the corrosion resistance of a superhydrophobic coating manufactured in their lab. The article is published in Materials Research Society’s journal, “MRS Communications” (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1557/mrc.2020.24).

Under Yao’s leadership, the research team observed that the coating has high polarization resistance and low corrosion rate. Through an analysis of nanoscale interactions between the substrates and the corrosive environment using the in situ Atomic Force Microscopy technique, they developed a method of creating protection coatings with more extended performance.

According to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International’s estimates, the cost of corrosion to industries surpasses $1.3 billion each year. A simple and inexpensive top coating to enhance surface resistance to corrosion is critically needed. Yao’s research team has successfully shown that a superhydrophobic coating would be an effective means of reducing corrosion by water-repellent.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the research and will continue work to enhance the mechanical durability of the developed superhydrophobic coating,” said Yao. “We’re studying the dynamic interfacial phenomena with the coating, and in the near future, the anti-corrosion coating with enhanced mechanical durability will be developed.”