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LU introduces first GIS certificate program

Lamar University students can learn more about Geographical Information Systems and geospatial technology by enrolling in the region’s first complete GIS certificate program. 

GIS technology, an integrated framework that allows for the gathering, managing and analyzing of spatial and Earth for GISgeographic data, used in various fields, including environmental sciences, urban planning, political science, business management, real estate, civil engineering and public health.

“This program will attract students from all of the university’s departments,” said Reda Amer
director of Lamar University’s Geospatial Center and director of GIS Programs. “The program also attracts graduate students from other institutions and industry professionals.”

The College of Arts and Science Department of Earth and Space Sciences is currently offering a 15-hour GIS certificate program for undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals, ensuring that participants learn the complex organization, management and visualization of geospatial data.

The coursework consists of three core courses and two elective courses that help students gain the experience needed to create maps, design geodatabases, spatial analysis and complete geospatial projects.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s High Growth Industry Profile reported that the geospatial job market is steadily expanding at an annual rate of nearly 35 percent.

“The beauty of GIS, is that you can use it for anything; therefore students who have certificates in GIS will secure future careers as geoscientists, geospatial analysts, environmental consulting, GIS analysts, GIS data managers, GIS technicians and project managers,” said Amer. 

For more information on the GIS certificate program, contact Dr. Reda Amer at 409-880-8234 or by email at ramer2@lamar.edu.

See the website to learn more about the undergraduate and graduate programs.