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LU online educators support educators across the state transition to alternative instructional methods

A team of educators from the College of Education and Human Development at Lamar University has come together to support all educators across Texas who are moving from face-to-face instruction to alternative citi onlineinstructional methods. Dr. Krystal Hinerman, clinical assistant professor of educational research and Dr. Ken Young, associate professor of educational leadership, in the Center for Doctoral Studies of Educational Leadership and Dr. Cindy Cummings, assistant professor of educational leadership, who represent more than 30 years’ experience in both PK12 and higher education online teaching, course development and program planning, are leading a cause to help individual educators and entire districts to transition to an online platform.

“The training we have received and the years of experience teaching online has prepared us for providing support in these unique times,” said Hinerman. “We’re looking at this as a state-wide effort in response to needs specifically for school districts, but are willing to address specific request also, and all of this we can do remotely.” 

Within 48 hours of learning that Lamar University and many other educational institutions across the country would move to online teaching, Hinerman, Young, and Cummings offered a free webinar to demonstrate how to teach online using streaming video tools and provide tips on how to set-up and conduct instruction with students in an interactive format. Since the initial webinar, a dozen Lamar University educational leadership faculty have joined the effort.

“One of the outstanding characteristics of educators is that they function similarly to first responders and run toward any crisis or challenge. They do what they need to on behalf of the students and their families, not because they want to make a name for themselves, and definitely not because of the money. They do it because they care,” said Young. “It is in this spirit that we felt compelled to do what we could to support them in a manner that would not burden them or their institutions financially or otherwise. We’re not doing this as consultants for money or notoriety, but because we care about them and the success of the students they teach. In our opinion, it is a practical way to bridge the university and communities we serve to make a positive difference in our state and beyond.”

Since the initial webinar, the team has developed additional webinars based upon the feedback they’ve received.  They have deployed links to recorded meetings and tutorials to anyone who requests them. They are curating resources to support Texas educators and administrators to be made available to whomever needs them.

“Of course, we’re support Lamar University’s faculty, our students and alumni as many of them make this transition to online teaching and learning, but we’re also continuing to support the community members who are reaching out to us individually regarding support and resources for this process,” said Young.

Below are several resources currently available to anyone who needs them:

All educators are invited to sign up for support: https://www.lamar.edu/forms/education/ed-support-signup.html

Things to consider when setting up a virtual class: https://lamar.adobeconnect.com/p31dma4hurau/

Things to consider when hosting a live meeting: https://lamar.adobeconnect.com/pnof0difi4h7/

Dr. Cummings' list of online teaching resources (Updated daily):  https://tinyurl.com/yx53plfo

Recording of “Going Viral” live meeting:  https://lamar.adobeconnect.com/p2kqa0y0tvdm/

For additional information or support, contact Dr. Krystal Hinerman, khinerman@lamar.edu or Dr. J. Kenneth Young, jkyoung1@lamar.edu.