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Money Management Program launches to help LU students gain financial literacy

The Lamar University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid has established the Money Management Program this year.  The program is dedicated to providing information to Lamar students to increase their money Money Managementmanagement understanding and how to take control of their personal finances.

“The program is a resource to help students to establish good money management habits now to avoid financial struggles in the future,” said Joe Malley, financial literacy specialist.  “We are here to help students create an action plan on how to create a budget, live within their means and plan for the future.

Through the program students receive free personal consultations where they can get help creating a budget, learn how to avoid credit card debt and/or plan for next year’s expenses. 

“We will also assist with questions regarding principles of banking and how to manage a student loan refund,” said Malley.

Students also have access to the program’s online resource, Financial Avenue.  Financial Avenue is a free online program that offers a variety of courses to help students gain important knowledge to become financially capable.  Financial Avenue is available to all LU students and can be accessed from the student’s “LU Connect” page.

Go to www.lamar.edu/moneymanagement for more information about the Money Management Program, to find useful links to financial resources and to access Financial Avenue’s online courses.

Contact the Money Management Program at 409 880-8450 or stop by the Money Management Program office in the Wimberly Building, Room 200.   Students can also email jmalley@lamar.edu for additional information.

 The Money Management Program is hosting financial literacy events throughout the spring semester and several events during the month of April to coincide with Financial Literacy Month.  The events are free for students to attend and will be held in the Setzer Student Center.

The events are:

Feb. 29: Student Success Fair (Table Event)

March 11: Inside View (Table Event)

March 12: Setzer Center Table with H&R Block (Income Tax Assistance)

March 25: Graduation Fair (Table Event)

March 27: Inside View (Table Event)

March 31: Setzer Center Presentation with EFFCU “Get Smart About Credit”

April 1: Inside View (Table Event)

April 8: Inside View (Table Event)

April 8: RedTalk Presentation with Dr. Karyn Neuhauser

April 23: Setzer Center Presentation with EFFCU “Identity Theft 101”

April 29: Setzer Center Presentation with EFFCU “Get Smart About Credit”

June 12: Tables at New Student Orientation

July 18, 24, 31: Tables at New Student Orientation