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Connecting with Cardinals Series: Elohor Okene

Welcome to the "Connecting with Cardinals" series. Each week, we'll highlight LU students to help you get to know fellow Cardinals.

This week’s guest is Elohor Okene, a graduating chemical engineering student and scholarship pageant queen. Read quick facts about her here, and watch the full interview to hear about her experience at LU.  

Origins: Nigeria, but I grew up and lived in Houston.

Why LU: The engineering program, the diversity and how it’s close, but not too close to home.

One Word Description: Accomplished. I can proudly say that I will be graduating in May having done everything I’ve always wanted to do, which included internships, having a full-time job before senior year started, leadership positions, Greek life, Student Government Association and making unforgettable memories.

Study Tips:  My process when studying for an exam is to start at least a week before the exam and redo any homework or example problems given out for the chapters the exam will be covering. Once I feel confident in the material, I then use old tests to practice my knowledge and understanding of the material.

Why Serve: Through my time here, Lamar continuously provided many opportunities and wonderful experiences. To me, becoming an orientation leader was a way of giving back to Lamar. Being an Orientation Leader is such an important and vital role to the incoming students and families. Embracing the incoming students and providing insight on how to truly enjoy and maximize your experience at Lamar was very fulfilling.