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LU’s online educational leadership ranked tops

Lamar University has been selected as one of BestColleges.com’s Best Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership Best Colleges Onlineprograms for 2019.

Factors considered in the assessment and ranking included academic quality, affordability and online competency. Additionally, LU was recognized for its student success and the hard work and high-quality online program.

Lamar University's online doctorate in educational leadership is completely online and caters to the needs of full-time educators - principals and vice principals, school superintendents, college deans, admissions officers and curriculum developers. The program comprises 20, eight-week classes including four classes devoted to the dissertation process.

“I believe we have found a nice balance between maintaining quality and rigor while integrating an efficient project-based approach to our students' research,” said Brett Welch, director and associate professor for the Center for Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership. “Educational leadership programs are practitioner based, so the introduction of a dissertation in practice model allows for our students to truly connect with their research. To this end, we have redesigned our course work so as to align with a culminating project. The traditional dissertation model remains an option, but we are changing the culture of our program to reflect project-based research. This idea resonates with both current and potential students.”

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