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Instructional designers publish article about best teaching tools

Lamar University instructional designers are providing other professors technology teaching tools and techniques.
LU staff members -  Quentin Bellard, Kimberly S. McCoy and Richard Varner - published the article, “3 Cool Tech Tools to Consider for the Digital Classroom,” on “Faculty Focus,” a website that publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom.

Quentin Bellard, the instructional designer for the Department of Digital Learning at Lamar University said, “The
Quentin Bellard
Quentin Bellard
job of an instructional designer is to recommend tools to professors to use in their courses.”

This article, therefore, discusses three, free services that instructors can use to enhance their students’ learning experience in an attempt to produce better performance.

Kim McCoy
Kimberly McCoy
For example, the paper promotes the use of the latest technologies, including apps, like the Remind app. McCoy, an instructional designer and information technology adjunct educator said there are numerous ways this app helps faculty members and students.  

“It can provide instructors with a way of communicating with students for any reason - running late, canceling class or needing to follow up,” said McCoy. “It provides a great way of sending friendly reminders about assignments – homework, quizzes or final exams.”

The paper promotes this app as a healthy student-to-teacher interaction for online or
Richard Varner
Richard Varner
traditional courses.

The two other tech tools featured in the article are Adobe Spark and Quizlet.

“We discussed tools that we know work because we either have used them in our classes or worked with faculty members to incorporate them into their online courses.” said McCoy.

To read the complete article, go to Faculty Focus.