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Chemical Engineering Students Grab Second Place in ChemE Car Competition

The Chemical Engineering ChemE Car team placed second in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
ChemE Car

ChemE Car Team (L – R): Stephen Rambin,
Gregory Twin, Dr. Tracy Benson,
Ayokunle Oni, Hunter Jensen,
Muhammed Shahzad, Elijah Keal,
Jessica Muñoz, and Edward Pettit (not pictured)

(AICHE) Southwest Regional Conference at Texas Tech this spring. The ChemE Car Competition is an international event that pits teams against each other to design, assemble, and troubleshoot a shoebox-sized car running on a chemical reaction. Competing teams included Texas A&M University, University of Texas, and University of Houston, as well as Tec de Monterey and Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.

During the competition, cars must travel down a length of track within a two-minute time limit while carrying a specified load. The length of travel and load are not known to student teams until one hour before competition. This year, the cars attempted to travel 15.2 meters carrying a load of 370 milliliters. LU placed second behind Texas Tech, coming within half a meter of the distance goal.

LU will go on to compete in the national ChemE Car competition at the 21st Annual AICHE Student Conference on Nov. 10, 2019 in Orlando, FL.