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LiveSafe App Improves Safety on the Lamar University Campus

Lamar University has launched a new campus app to keep students safer. The LiveSafe app is designed specifically for the needs of college campuses and has been put into use by institutions across the nation from University of Tennessee to Duke University.  

The LiveSafe app is replacing MyPD, which had limited functionality and wasn’t widely used by Lamar University students. LiveSafe offers the same features as MyPD, such as the ability to contact Lamar University Police Department (LUPD), but LiveSafe has additional features that help ensure student safety anywhere and at anytime on campus.   

These features include “Watch Me Walk” and “Watch A Friend Walk,” which accesses the user’s GPS and gives permission for others to track a commute across the campus. Students also are able to discreetly contact LUPD or report incidents anonymously. Additionally, the app will serve as an alert, sending out notifications to inform students if classes have been cancelled or campus is closed due to weather conditions. Another feature allows students who use the shuttles to access route information, times, and GPS locations of shuttles.  

Parents of students are also encouraged to download the app. When registered as a guest, parents have access to all the same features of their students.  

LiveSafe is not only being used by college campuses, but by large conferences and festivals such as South by Southwest in Austin, TX. LiveSafe’s website list numerous awards for safety and crime prevention and lists specific universities where use of the app has prevented crimes including Georgetown University, University of Delaware, West Virginia University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Arizona State University and Kansas State University.  

LiveSafe’s launch is just one of several safety measures Lamar University has implemented in the past few months. Crosswalks with blinking signage have been added along Rolfe Christopher Drive, and blue emergency phones across campus have been upgraded.  

Students interested in downloading the LiveSafe app, can find it available free to download from the Google Play or App Stores. Registration is through the Lamar email.