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Students dance their hearts out at LU Summer Dance Intensive

LU Summer Dance Intensive ShowcaseThe Lamar University Summer Dance Intensive (LUSDI), hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance, gave area students opportunity to experience the life of a collegiate dancer while studying with well-known names in the professional and collegiate dance industries.

LU Summer Dance Intensive ShowcaseTravis Prokop, director of the two-week intensive said, “It’s important to have opportunities like LUSDI and other programs for dancers in the summer, which is predominately a dancer’s off time, so that they can continue to train and grow as artists. LUSDI is a chance to gain college level training, in a multi- faceted curriculum.”

The intensive is for students who have completed the 3rd grade and up, as well as college, and pre-professional dancers. Two intensives were held simultaneously during the two weeks, a junior intensive for students who have completed 3rd through 7th grade, and a senior intensive for those who have completed higher grades as well as adult students.

LU Summer Dance Intensive ShowcaseThe students studied ballet, classic contemporary, jazz, aerial silks and hip hop dance taught by LU dance faculty and dance professionals from the surrounding areas. Prokop says the students have been making professional connections and lasting friendships, while continuing to grow as individual dance artists.

LU Summer Dance Intensive ShowcaseThe intensive concluded July 20 with a fully produced dance concert, including material learned in the two-week span. Students will experience a professional level rehearsal process including tech and dress rehearsal, preparing them for the concert, which will be held in the Lamar University Theatre.

For more information on future dance intensives, contact Travis Prokop at tprokop@lamar.edu or call (409) 880-8037.