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Therapy dogs to allow students to ‘paws’ for finals

Therapy dogs at LULamar University students had the opportunity to relax during finals week with therapy dogs provided by Paws 4 Love Southeast Texas Pet Therapy.

“Students can benefit so much by interacting with the therapy dogs,” said Sara Gubala, instructor of political science. “It provides a nice break from studying. Dogs love everyone and sometimes hugging a dog or just spending a few minutes petting one can lower one's blood pressure and make them feel a lot better.”

All animals remained on leashes in a partitioned area of the 1st floor of the Mary and John Gray Library for students to visit for a few hours each day as a break from their studies.

Therapy dogs at Gray Library“At this time of year many students are missing their families and likely their pets,” said Gubala. “These dogs can help provide some of that same love that they are missing as they provide unconditional love. Also, students love taking selfies. Why not come and get your next selfie for social media with a super cute tiny dog or a large mastiff or everything in between.”

Animals and handlers are part of the Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals Group, and all dogs are certified through the Intermountain Therapy Animals and/or Pet Partners.

Paws 4 Love Southeast Texas Pet Therapy is a non-profit local chapter of the national organization Intermountain Therapy Animals that strives to bring animal-assisted therapy to schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other locations across Southeast Texas.