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Staff awards recognize excellence, longevity

Staff awardsLamar University staff members were recognized recently for excellent service and years of service at a reception in the Mary and John Gray Library. After a welcome from Ken Evans, president of the university, retirees were recognized and staff awards were presented to university staff, and others were recognized for time of service in five-year increments.

The staff council paid special tribute to staff and administrators who worked through and immediately after Hurricane Harvey to ensure the safety of LU’s students and to protect and restore university facilities so that the semester could begin. Staff Council officers are Diann Brodnax, president, Stacie Granger, vice president, Stephanie Allen, secretary, and Dimples Jones, treasurer.

Staff awardsReceiving distinguished staff awards were: Michel Barrilleaux, Yolanda Monroe, Candice Moore, Danny Powers, Srinivas Varadaraj, and Elvina Wiltz.

Retirees are: Albert Allen, 18 years; Brenda Booker, 21 years; Debbie Borel, 33 years; Rebecca Caddy, 21 years; Linda Dousay, 23 years; Michael Fuller, 18 years; Melissa Gallien, 28 years; James Harder, 17 years; Sarah Hawes, 18 years; Rosa Hubbard, 20 years; Paula Jacobs, 2 years; Everlina Lee, 16 years; Patricia Lloyd, 11 years; T.A. Matthews, 10 years; Ronald Savoy, 15 years; and Kim Wiley, 23 years.

Dorothea Titus and John Washburn were recognized for 40 years of service.

Staff awardsReceiving 35-year awards were Kay Blankenship, Nancy Davis, Cynthia Perkins, Jill Rowley and Joy Tate. Diane Foreman, Ralpheal Guilbeau, Alma Morrison and Shaw Shang received 30-year pins.

Receiving 25-year awards were Julie Alford, Hank Brim, Norma Cumbaa, Lisa Ford, Jacqueline McCue, Charla Pate and Kathy Pierce.

Twenty-year pins were given to Kathleen Andrews, Travis Bach, Samuel Bridgeman, Doris Cooper, Rosa Hubbard, Worrick Jackson, Phyllis Johnson, Shannon Klutts, Judith Mann, Gregory Marsh, Brenda Mendoza, Jason Miller, Charlesella Renfro, Brian Sattler, Jamie Turner and Mary Wilson.

Given 15-year awards were Jana Austin, Sandy Craigen, Brandie Fontenot, Shawn Gray, Christopher Manuel, Mirna Martinez, Paula McNeel, Danna Perello, Barbara Price, Edith Robert, Ronald Savoy, Leslie Solis, Lakisha Thomas, Thanh Tran, Rita Trottman, Natasha Walker, Karen Westgate, Sharon Wilkerson, and Juan Zabala.

Staff awardsRecognized for 10 years of service were Frederick Benham, Rebecca Broussard, Lita Brown, Clinton Burges, Erin Burns, Jayna Calhoun Evelyn Clifton, Larry Coleman, Rebecca Cozad, Guy Crossley, Jewel Dupuy, Larry Edwards, Beverly Ephron, Hope Etheridge, Earl Farve, Melonee Fife, Alice Ford, David Garrett, Stacie Granger, Shana Greer, Celine Hodge, Crystal Jones, Rachel Juneau, Cynthia Lute, Louis Mitchell, Yolanda Monroe, Candice Moore, David Mulcahy, Damion Parker, Cynthia Parra, Kenneth Pickens, Harold Price, Jackie Smith, Erin Tabor, Katherine Tristan, Haley Tyson, Claire Wells, Joyce Wilson, and Gloria Young.

Recognized for five years of service were Ada Antunes, Jean Biassous, Tanya Celestine, Celeste Contreras, Quincey Daniels, Dorothy Evans, Tina Floyd, Robert Hamilton, Sylvia Hebert, Lakrystal Joubert, Kim Le, Cory Letulle, Rebekah Maxwell, Grayson Meek, Larry Moser, Kim Nguyen, Karen Nichols, Roxanne Parks, Prabhu Pilli, William Rash, Marie Redeau, Monica Ryan, Elkin Savoy, Ashley Sheehan, Ted Stuberfield, Angela Thomas, and Kelly Williams.