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LU creates fund for students affected by Hurricane Harvey

Lamar University recently established a new fund to support students affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey throughout Southeast Texas.

“Our hearts go out particularly to those students who are facing unimaginable losses far beyond the interruption of their academic pursuits,” said Juan Zabala, vice president for university advancement. “The university is responding proactively where we can, but many of their other needs are significant.”

In response to this need, the university has established the Cardinal Emergency Fund that will support Harvey relief to take care of students with the greatest needs.

Its estimated that two-thirds of LU’s students are dealing with the direct impact of the storm, whether it is from flooded homes, lack of drinking water, the loss of vehicles to get around, lost wages due to places of employment that remain closed even now, and so much more, Zabala said. At particular risk of allowing temporary challenges to derail their educational plans are first-generation college students, who comprise a significant percentage of LU’s enrollment, Zabala said. Not completing their degrees would have life-long impacts.

Proceeds from the Cardinal Emergency Fund will assist students who need them most as they are distributed by university financial aid officials who will collect, review, and respond to requests for aid, with a goal of helping as many students as possible based on their degree of need. Assistance from this fund will address a wide variety of needs, from replacing lost or damaged books and school supplies, to providing room and board for students whose homes were destroyed, and more.

To contribute to the Cardinal Emergency Fund, visit