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Unwinding with therapy dogs

Therapy dogsLamar University students stopped by the Mary and John Gray Library from April 30 to May 4 to relax with therapy dogs during finals and week recharge before their exams.

“I’m always surprised by how much just interacting with dogs can improve your mood,” said Isaac Alvarez, a sophomore chemical engineering major from Keller.

“This is the fourth full year we have done this at finals and the first time a graduating class had access to therapy dogs all four years,” said Sara Gubala, instructor of political science. “I think our students, faculty and staff walk away smiling. They leave a little happier and a little less stressed.”

All animals remained on leashes in a partitioned area of the 1st floor of the Mary and John Gray Library for students to visit for a few hours each day as a break from their studies.

Therapy DogsAnimals and their handlers are part of the Paws 4 Love Therapy Animals Group, and all dogs are certified through the Intermountain Therapy Animals and/or Pet Partners.

“I think that some students come because they miss their own dogs— and how can you not be drawn to a dog wearing bows in her ears? I also think people come because they need a break a few minutes to focus on something other than their exams,” said Gubala.

Paws 4 Love is a non-profit local chapter of the national organization Intermountain Therapy Animals that strives to bring animal-assisted therapy to schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other locations across Southeast Texas.