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Woodard triplets track toward futures

LU brothersAdrian, Andre and Anthony Woodard learned quickly that family is all you have.  The Woodard brothers are original natives of Nashville, Tennessee, but in 2009 they established residency in Texas.

The triplets moved after their freshman year of high school, when their father landed a job in Beaumont. The move from Tennessee to Texas wasn’t always easy for the brothers.

“Moving from Tennessee to Texas, we realized that family is all that we have. We got a chance to get closer because it was just us. All of our other family was back home in Tennessee,” said Anthony.

Although the move from Tennessee was tough, the brothers strengthen their bond.

“We understood the importance of family and what it means to have each other,” said Andre. “We did a lot of things together like playing video games, playing outside and being involved in extracurricular activities.”

“It was pretty cool,” said Adrian. “Of course siblings have their normal fights and arguments.  It’s always good when you’re young to constantly have people to play with. Especially moving from Nashville to Beaumont we got to chance to grow and get a lot closer without each other.”

Collectively the Woodard triplets have overcome their transition to Texas.

“If we have something to talk about we didn’t have to find a friend or family member to confide in. We always had each other because we can all relate to each other since we have so much in common,” Anthony said.

LU brothers“We are each different in our own way. Through high school and college we got to find our niche and identity about what we individually like and don’t like. That’s what moving to Texas and attending Lamar has shown us,” says Andre.

All three brothers are students in LU’s College of Fine Arts and Communication. Anthony is a corporate communications major, Andre is majoring in photography and Adrian is a music major.

“Being in college, we have got to shine our light in our own personalities, where we all exemplify leadership in our own special way,” said Andre.

Collectively the Woodard triplets have been very successful in their academic endeavors.

Adrian has been a member of the Lamar University marching band for five years. He has served as trumpet section leader and head drum major for three years. He plays with the Lamar Wind Ensemble and Concert Band for five years. In addition, he was president of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, and he is a member of Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity.

“Scott Deppe, director of bands, has really shaped and prepared me to become the best teacher that I can be. His teaching continues to inspire me to teach band in the future. Not only has he been a great mentor to me, he has been a mentor to the rest of the students in the music department,” says Adrian.

Andre is a member of Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society. He is also the president of the Artist Common art organization. Andre is also an intern at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas where he works with the curator and registrar.

“I give credit to Keith Carter, photography professor in art department. “He is honestly one of the best photographers. Because of him and his work ethic he has driven me to excel and push my artistic abilities,” says Andre.

Anthony is a 2016 orientation leader. He is also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha where he has served as the assistant new member educator, internal vice president and public relations chair. Anthony was also nominated for the 2016 Homecoming royalty court.

“Dr. Collins, communications professor, is very impactful with her teaching methods,” said Anthony. “She is such a sweet lady who is very knowledgeable about the communication field and the profession itself, and I admire her for that.”

The Woodard thank their parents for their success. “I always thank our mom and dad for instilling leadership qualities and characteristics in us,” says Anthony.

“Our parents have instilled in us respect,” Andre added. “We don’t settle, we try to be the best that we can, we push each other to be the best that we can. We have always been leaders since high school.”

“Our parents have always told us if you aren’t uncomfortable you aren’t trying hard enough. We are very humble people. We are very thankful for all of the things that we have achieved.”

After graduation, Andre plans to pursue a Master’s degree and become an art curator. Anthony aspires to work in the public relations field, while Adrian wants to become a band instructor.