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Montagne Center court gets new look

New Montagne Center courtThe Lamar University men’s and women’s basketball teams stepped on the court at the Montagne Center for the first time Tuesday for preseason practice. It’s not either team’s first preseason workout, but it is their first on the newly redesigned court.

“We are extremely proud of Tubbs Court and the renovation to it,” said Director of Athletics Jason Henderson. “It is very unique to Lamar University and very unique period. It allows us to proudly display our new social media rebrand as well as show the pride we have in the state of Texas. With the new goals we picked up over the summer, it will be a whole new look when fans come to enjoy Cardinals basketball.”

The first thing fans will notice when they walk in Montagne Center is the state of Texas located at midcourt with the Lamar University logo on top of the state. Just below the state of Texas is the signature of Billy and Pat Tubbs, who the court was named after in 2011.

Each end of the court is darker stained within the three-point arc, with the block LU logo on both ends. A red and white Southland Conference logo is located in the free throw lanes. Each baseline is highlighted by the words “Lamar Cardinals.” The sideline displays @LamarAthletics, the athletics department’s primary social outlet, which launched in August, to go along with the university web site and logo on the opposite sideline.

In addition to the court redesign, the Montagne Center also added two new goals for the upcoming season. The goals, which came from New York following the NCAA Championships – Syracuse Regional – were shipped to Beaumont following the conclusion of the tournament. The new standards replaced the ones that were in the Montagne Center since it opened.