Broke Ground: June 20, 1983

Completed: November, 1984

Opened: November 24, 1984

Construction Cost: $12.5 Million ($28.4 Million in 2014 Dollars)

Architects: LaBiche Architectural Group

Expanded: 1985 (Seating was originally 8,000 in Arena, but was expanded to 10,080)

Renovated: 2005 (Major Repairs Due to Hurricane Rita), 2008 (Addition of the Morgan Suites with the revitalization of Football)

Coordinates: 30 degrees, 2'38"N by 94 degrees 4'15"W



A 3,442 sq ft event space with the room to comfortably hold up to one hundred and twenty-eight (128) guests in banquet-style seating or one hundred and eighty (180) guests in a reception-style arrangement. The room features a built-in kitchenette for food preparation and storage, serving bar, in-room public address system with lecturn, and two (2) plasma screen televisions.

Cardinal Club Room Diagram


With almost 1,400 sq ft of event space located on the fifth floor of the facility, along with a pristine view of both Provost Umphrey Stadium and Billy & Pat Tubbs Court, it is the ideal location for presidential receptions. The room can comfortably seat fifty (50) guests in a banquet-style setting, or up to seventy-five (75) guests in a reception-style format. Complete with a built-in wet bar, private restrooms, two (2) plasma televisions, the President's Suite truly provides a VIP experience for its guests.


With a total seating capacity (bleacher and floor level) of 10,746 (before production kills), the Montagne Center is the largest indoor event facility in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. With telescoping bleachers, the floor area can be reduced to 115'X70'10" (8,165 sq ft), or expanded to 165'X121' (19,965 sq ft). The majority of arena seating is composed of cushioned, upholstered seating, with only minimal folding plastic seating on the uppermost rows.

A ground-level loading dock with one (1) truck bay providing arena floor access via a 10'x17'6" overhead coiling floor. Distance from bay to stage is 50'. Ample show parking is available in the rear of the building near the loading dock, along with water and electricity access.

Additional meeting and dressing room space is available, as well, complete with private restrooms and shower facilities for artists and performers.