Press Director

Jerry Craven
  Dr. Craven, publisher and writer, has served as an editor for several presses including Ink Brush Press and Texas A&M University Press.


Rebecca Balcarcel: creative nonfiction, Hispanic literature, and poetry.
Rebecca Balcarcel is a poet, teacher, and editor.

Daniel Bartlett: fiction, general nonfiction.
Dr. Bartlett is Director of College Readiness at Lamar University.

Sandra Chalyy: fiction, general nonfiction.

Julie Chappell: poetry and pre-modern literature.
Dr. Chappell is a professor of literature at Tarleton State University

Lisa Craig: Art Consultant.

Vera Gachot: press public relations and publicity.

Katherine Hoerth: Editor-in-Chief

Martin M. Jacobsen: biography, general nonfiction, and publicity advisor.
Dr. Jacobsen is associate professor of English at West Texas A&M University. He has published articles in rhetorical theory, literary criticism, and sociology. His book, Transformations of Literacy in Computer-mediated Communication: Orality, Literacy, Cyberdiscursivity, was published in 2002.

Richard Moseley: fiction.
Dr. Moseley, Professor Emeritus at West Texas A&M University, has served since 1999 as fiction editor for the highly successful journal Amarillo Bay.

Michael Sanchez: art editor, fiction, and general nonfiction.
A professional with print and graphics, Michael Sanchez is a talented book designer; he created the logo for Lamar University Press.

Robert Whitsitt: technical advisor, editor, fiction, and drama.
Bob Whitsitt is the publisher of the critically acclaimed literary e-zine Amarillo Bay, which has come out quarterly since 1999. It has subscribers in 27 states and nine foreign countries.

Carroll Wilson: fiction and general nonfiction.
Carroll Wilson has more than 40 years of experience as an editor and writer.

David Wallace: acquisitions editor, nonfiction, and fiction.
David Wallace is a teacher-scholar, a reader-writer, and a singer-songwriter.

Mallory Young: women’s/feminist/postfeminist literature, film, and popular culture.
Dr. Young, a professor at Tarleton State University, is a scholar, teacher, and writer.

Associate Editors

Rachel Klauss
Arwin Burkett
Elizabeth Charles
Chelsea McAuley
Michelle Lansdale
Theresa Ener
Amy E. Morgan
Carol Weishampel
Heather Odom
Crystal Smith