Press Director

Jerry Craven
  Jerry Craven has served as editor for 4 university and small literary presses. Co-founder of Amarillo Bay, he has been general editor of the literary journal for 19 years. He taught literature courses for 6 universities in three countries, retired from teaching after 40 years, and began a career in publishing. Currently he is press director for Lamar University Literary Press and for Ink Brush Press. A writer of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, he has published 28 books and numerous poems, stories, and essays in journals and anthologies. His personal website gives more information about his writing, teaching, and editing:


Katherine Hoerth
  Katherine Hoerth joined Lamar University as an Assistant Professor of English in Fall 2017. She serves as editor-in-chief of Lamar University Literary Press and poetry editor of Amarillo Bay and Devilfish Review. Her poetry books include Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots, which won the Helen C. Smith Prize from the Texas Institute of Letters in 2018, and The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue, published Fall 2017 from Angelina River Press. Her work has been included in journals such as Southwestern American Literature, THINK Journal, and Pleiades. She is the President of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers.

Managing Editor

Theresa Ener
  Theresa Ener graduated from Lamar University with a B.A. and an M.A. in English. She served as an intern with Lamar University Literary Press both as an undergrad and a grad student. In the fall of 2019, she joined Lamar University as a full-time instructor of English and the managing editor of LULP. She also serves as Faculty Managing Editor for Pulse, Lamar’s student literary magazine, and as Editorial Assistant for Review of Texas Books. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in Pulse, Poetry from Texas College Students, Fiction from Texas College Students, and Texas’s Best Emerging Poets (2017 and 2019 editions).


Rebecca Balcarcel: creative nonfiction, Hispanic literature, and poetry.
Rebecca Balcarcel is a poet, teacher, and editor.

Daniel Bartlett: fiction, general nonfiction.
Dr. Bartlett is Director of College Readiness at Lamar University.

Sandra Chalyy: fiction, general nonfiction.

Lisa Craig: Art Consultant.

Vera Gachot: press public relations and publicity.

Martin M. Jacobsen: biography, general nonfiction, and publicity advisor.
Dr. Jacobsen is associate professor of English at West Texas A&M University. He has published articles in rhetorical theory, literary criticism, and sociology. His book, Transformations of Literacy in Computer-mediated Communication: Orality, Literacy, Cyberdiscursivity, was published in 2002.

Richard Moseley: fiction.
Dr. Moseley, Professor Emeritus at West Texas A&M University, has served since 1999 as fiction editor for the highly successful journal Amarillo Bay.

Michael Sanchez: art editor, fiction, and general nonfiction.
A professional with print and graphics, Michael Sanchez is a talented book designer; he created the logo for Lamar University Press.

Robert Whitsitt: technical advisor, editor, fiction, and drama.
Bob Whitsitt is the publisher of the critically acclaimed literary e-zine Amarillo Bay, which has come out quarterly since 1999. It has subscribers in 27 states and nine foreign countries.

David Wallace: acquisitions editor, nonfiction, and fiction.
David Wallace is a teacher-scholar, a reader-writer, and a singer-songwriter.

Mallory Young: women’s/feminist/postfeminist literature, film, and popular culture.
Dr. Young, a professor at Tarleton State University, is a scholar, teacher, and writer.

Associate Editors

Rachel Klauss
Arwin Burkett
Elizabeth Charles
Chelsea McAuley
Michelle Lansdale
Theresa Ener
Amy E. Morgan
Carol Weishampel
Heather Odom
Crystal Smith