The Sumptuous Hills of Gulfport

The Sumptuous Hills of Gulfport

by Vincent Spina

Here Spina takes readers through the surreal landscape of a coastal Florida town with crafted images and breezy, rhythmic lines. This is a place where civilization meets the wilds of the ocean, a place of tension, beauty, and decay, and Spina's poetry explores this with a critical eye, ear, and touch. The poems often offer metaphors, explorations, and philosophies that illuminate the joys, contradictions, and absurdities of contemporary life. These poems, drawing influence from Latin American modernists, explore what it means to be human in today's world where nothing is certain and life often feels like a dream. The Sumptuous Hills of Gulfport takes readers on a trip to the beach, and far, far beyond.

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About the Author

Vincent Spina

Vincent Spina is from Brooklyn, NY and now resides in St. Petersburg, FL. He received a Ph.D. from New York University in South American Literature with a specialty in Andean culture. He is the author of El modo épico in José María Arguedas. He has written four books of poetry: Outer Borough, Dialogue, The Sumptuous Hills of Gulfport, and Sundial. He has also published in various magazines and some of his poems can be heard on The Poetry Channel.