The Angled Road: Collected Poems 1970 - 2020

The Angled Road

by Jonas Zdanys

Jonas Zdanys has published 49 books from 1970 to 2020. This is his 50th published book. The books include his own poetry, translations into English of Lithuanian poetry, and edited anthologies of poetry. He has spent much time in different countries, all of which have influenced his writing. Book reviewers in such divergent places as Ireland, Australia, and Lithuania have praised his poetic craftsmanship and genius as a poet. Read Ken Hada's review of this book here.

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About the Author

Jonas Zdanys

A bilingual poet and translator, Jonas Zdanys is the author of 49 other books: collections of his own poetry, written in English or in Lithuanian, and volumes of his translations into English of Lithuanian poetry and fiction. He has received a number of prizes, book awards, writing and travel grants, and public recognitions for his own poetry and for his translations. He has taught at the State University of New York and at Yale University, where he held a number of administrative positions, and has served for more than a decade as the state of Connecticut’s Chief Academic Officer. He is currently Professor of English and Poet in Residence at Sacred Heart University.