Some Vegetable Sacrifice

Sailing West

by R. Scott Yarbrough

Yarbrough has combined his talents as poet and painter to produce a truly unusual book of art and poetry. The poems are lyric in that they deal with personal emotional experiences and conditions and do so with masterfully blended images and sounds. The paintings comment upon the poems in surprising ways using images, lines, and colors created with an unusual artistic medium: fingernail polish. In a charming introduction, Yarbrough explains why he chose thus to experiment with nail polish as well as how he resolved some problems using it. The book is moving and delightful to read and wonderful to examine.

Order from any bookstore, local or online. This title is also available from Fleur Fine Books of Galveston, Texas. 

About the Author

Carol Coffee Reposa

The son of an ordained Methodist minister and a mother of Chickasaw descent, R. Scott Yarbrough has since childhood been embedded in family folklore for the emotional truths found in family lore and narrative, what he defines as true myths. Today he is an educator, artist, musician, playwright, editor, and poet. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals including The American Poetry ReviewThe Cream City ReviewThe Evansville ReviewThe Hollins’s CriticConcho River ReviewPuerto Del Sol, and descant. His previous collection of poetry is A Sort of Adam Infant Dropped: True Myths, published by Ink Brush Press.