Resisting Gravity


by Stan Crawford

Crawford is a wise, learned, and accomplished poet who has traveled widely, both to places throughout the world and to the shadowy reaches of the human heart. His poetic canvas is vast, dazzling with vivid imagery and textured with eclectic allusions, from Ken Lay to Cain; Zagajewski to Dante; Marianne Moore to Elizabeth Bishop; and Gertrude Stein to Tiberius. Moving seamlessly from the darkness of failed love and existential angst to the light of new love and the radiance of mere being, in Resisting Gravity, Crawford navigates the treacherous seas of a mystical world best described by his own, deftly chosen words: "Sour inextricable from sweet / inside the chambers of our grapefruit hearts."

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About the Author

Stan Crawford

Stan Crawford is an attorney and poet who lives with his wife Dawn in Houston, Texas. His poetry has been published in Borderlands, The Comstock Review, Poet Lore, Water-Stone Review, and elsewhere.  He was a juried poet in 2003 in the Houston Poetry Fest and nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2012 by Dos Gatos Press in Austin.  He has been on the board of Mutabilis Press, an independent publisher of poetry in Houston, since 2002.