Only So Many Autumns

Only So Many Autumns by Betsy Joseph

by Betsy Joseph

Joseph’s initial collection of poetry is both vast and intimate. She combines the rural wisdom of Frost with the deep personal insights of Bly, then folds in the economy of language made familiar by the late Mary Oliver to create a powerful, playful, and often poignant recitation of the true American experience. From intricate lyrical ballads to brief but precise works that read like quiet prayers, she masters both impact and form, singing open a window into a life fully lived. In this homage to the joys and angst of a woman negotiating the relations and relationships of romance, family, work and the mortar holding it together, Joseph has produced a revelation out of something ordinary.

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About the Author

Betsy Joseph

Betsy Joseph enjoyed a long tenure teaching literature, creative writing, and memoir writing for Dallas County Community College District. Her poems have appeared in a number of journals, and her book, Reflections on Classrooms and Their Characters, chronicles her teaching experiences. Currently she is working on a poetry project featuring women’s stories in their own voices.