One Life

One Life by Matthew Brennan

by Matthew Brennan

"Since his poetic debut, Seeing in the Dark, almost a quarter of a century ago, Matthew Brennan has been mining, with quiet authority and subtle musicality, the interconnectedness between the muted sufferings and joy of midwestern domestic life with a reverence for the profound consolations of landscapes, art and poetry. One Life is an abundant harvest of late autumnal meditations on the complexity and connectedness of life sung to a relaxed iambic rhythm and unobtrusive internal and end rhyme, perfectly mirroring Brennan’s sense of redemptive luminousness that quiet attention uncovers in the quotidian object, the extraordinariness of the ordinary."

—Robert McPhillips, author of The New Formalism: A Critical Introduction

"Review: 'One Life' by Matthew Brennan" - by Barry Harris for Tipton Poetry Journal

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About the Author

Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan has published four previous books of poems as well as two chapbooks. The House with the Mansard Roof (2009) was a finalist for the Best Books of Indiana. He has also written studies of Wordsworth and J. M. W. Turner, the Gothic novel, Southern poet William Gilmore Simms, and contemporary poet Dana Gioia. Brennan's poems and criticism have appeared in Sewanee Review, Commonweal, New York Times Book Review, and Poetry Ireland Review. Here is a 2008 interview of the poet by Kevin Collins for Westview, A Journal of Western Oklahoma.