My Grandmother's Last Letter

My Grandmother's Last Letter

by Wendy Dunmeyer

"...As fine-tuned as a debut collection of poetry can be. Expressive and descriptive, all of these poems offer the kind of intimate viewpoints-of their speakers' days, homes, families, hopes, and hurts-that I most prize as a reader of poetry. I am struck by the way motherhood is shown at both its softest and hardest edges, by the way the women's lives are treated so elegantly, by the strength of voice. The narrative lines that run throughout Letter are captivating."

-Joey Brown, author of Oklahomaography and The Feral Love Poems

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About the Author

Wendy Dunmeyer

Wendy Dunmeyer was a finalist for the Morton Marr Poetry Prize (2011) and received an honorable mention in NDSU's Poetry of the Plains and Prairies Chapbook Contest (2022). She has been published in Measure, Natural Bridge, The Oklahoma Review, and elsewhere.