My Cap of Darkness

My Cap of Darkness

by Glover Davis

My Cap of Darkness traces a narrative arc through the wide ranging experiences and perceptions of a mature narrator. The book opens and closes with two bookend poems that are contemplative statements gleaned from the poet's seeking his place, not only in his own life, but in the broader world including social, natural, and artistic spheres. The poems in My Cap of Darkness reflect a journey through grief and loss, through a growing awareness, and finally into a quiet celebration of the renewal of possibility and love. Major themes include love, mortality, observations of what's beautiful, and ecological concerns. My Cap of Darkness owes a debt to classical mythology. The myth of Perseus provides the title and one of the controlling metaphors for this text: the hero who survives and persists through the deliberate act of becoming an invisible observer and actor. Though the world cannot see him, he continues to act as he must and continues to be who he truly is.

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About the Author

Carol Coffee Reposa

Glover Davis is professor emeritus of creative writing at San Diego State University.  His books of poetry are Bandaging Bread, August Fires, Legend, Separate Lives, Spring Drive, and My Cap of Darkness.  At Fresno State, he studied with Phillip Levine and attended the Iowa Writers Workshop, where he studied with Donald Justice.  Davis’ poetry has appeared in many journals, including Poetry, Ploughshares, Shenandoah Review, The New England Review, The Southern Review, and Southwest Review.