The Family Book of Martyrs

Family Book of Martyrs

by Benjamin Myers

What is the cost of our unchosen obligations? What is the cost of love? How do we pay, and where are the receipts kept? These are poems about love, fear, and hope. These are poems about fatherhood and about the things we bring to it from our own childhood. These poems explore how the past continues to live alongside and inside the present and what that means for who we are and who we will someday be.

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About the Author

Benjamin Myers

Benjamin Myers is a former poet laureate of Oklahoma and is the author of three previous books of poetry and one book of nonfiction. His poems have appeared in many journals and magazines, including Image, The Yale Review, Modern Age, Measure, and The Christian Century. His essays on poetry, education, and culture may be read in several prominent venues. Myers is professor of literature at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he directs the Great Books honors program.