The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record, Volume 50


by Lamar University History Department|Texas Gulf Historical Society

Lamar University Press joins the Texas Gulf Historical Society and the Lamar University History Department in publishing this special 50th anniversary edition of the journal. The volume brings together 18 articles that showcase the quality and diversity of scholarship published in the Record since its first number released in November 1965. The authors include nationally recognized scholars, veteran local historians, and former students. They write about the social, industrial, economic, ethnic, and military history of Southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast, covering major periods from the Texas Revolution to the late Civil Rights Era. The 50th Anniversary Edition will stand alone as a welcome resource of the history of a region.

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About The Record

Published in conjunction with the Lamar University History Department, The Record is devoted to the history of Southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast. Issued since 1965, The Record publishes multidisciplinary articles and edited primary sources focused on the history and culture of the Texas Gulf Coast and Southeast Texas broadly conceived. We encourage submissions from authors and scholars of diverse levels of experience, expertise, and backgrounds.

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