Tales of a Journeyman Naturalist


by Terry C. Maxwell

In this charming memoir, Maxwell shares his unusual adventures as a naturalist, taking us from tropical jungles to the frozen tundra of Alaska, from such odd places as the Devil’s Sinkhole in Texas to the exotic Galapagos Islands. What he does as a naturalist alone holds our attention, though it is how he performs his work that will have us retelling stories from this book long after we finish reading it.

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About the Author


Terry C. Maxwell is the author of numerous scientific articles, primarily on birds, and the 2013 book, Wildlife of the Concho Valley. For more than ten years, he has written the column "Naturally Texas" for the San Angelo Standard-Times.  He is a Distinguished Biology Professor Emeritus of Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas, where he was also curator of birds in the Angelo State Natural History Collections. He resides with his wife, Ann, in San Angelo.