Staked Plains Refugee

Staked Plains Refugee by Carroll Wilson

...How Texas Conservatives Grew a Liberal and Didn't Know It, by Carroll Wilson

If you are longing for an unabashed look at American values, politics, society, and everyday life, this memoir by longtime journalist Carroll Wilson answers the call. Following in the tradition of influential Texas journalists like Molly Ivins and H.M. Baggerly, Wilson offers up a full plate of steamy observations, sharp criticism, and candid commentary. His mission is to ask the hard questions and demonstrate why we need to adhere to our values of love, decency, and compassion for others. Bravo to the author for this honest and candid and ultimately inspiring memoir.

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About the Author

Carroll Wilson

Carroll Wilson is a native of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle and was properly educated right there in public schools, a public community college, and a public university. His parents raised him to be conservative, but everything they taught him, and his teachers, particularly his college professors, opened his mind to other ways of thinking, and he found in his 45-year career as a journalist that he could not abide intolerance, racism, inequality, and the American appetite for warfare. He now lives in Wimberley, Texas, with his wife. Together they have six girls and one boy and eleven grandchildren. He’s active in raising funds for the public library, volunteering in his church, and trying to be a guitar player and drummer.