Ordinary Charms

Ordinary Charms

by Jan Seale

In this collection of short prose, 30 years accruing, Seale takes on everything from student bloopers to sparrows, navel-gazing to needles, silkworms to Southern sayings. Her words, sprinkled with wit and soul, suggest that our ordinary world is rife with meaning, there for our simple notice with lament or celebration. Life itself is the magician. These 45 essays offer humor, thoughtful observations, surprising connections among seeming unrelated information, and above all, ways to know the surprising charm in the commonplace.

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About the Author

Jan Seale

Jan Seale lives among lizards and exotic birds in deep South Texas. From there, she has written sixteen books in a variety of genres. Her work has been published in major newspapers and magazines and broadcast over NPR. Honors include an NEA Fellowship, PEN Syndicated Fiction awards, and appointments as the 2012 Texas Poet Laureate.