Lost River Anthology

Lost River Anthology

by Harold Raley

Internationally known writer and educator Harold Raley was born in Alabama and has lived and taught most of this life in the South and Southwest. His mastery of several languages and cultures, travels, and studies in a variety of disciplines has widened his perspective and enriched his literary technique but without weakening his allegiance to the rural times, myths, and people he loved first and best. They live again in Lost River Anthology as Raley elevates his craft to its finest pitch, composing a compelling melody of human drama and dignity cadenced by pathos, pain, love, humor, and salvific hope. The register covers a vast space of intertwined times and personalities, but always centered on the preeminent, unifying theme of human worth.

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About the Author


Novelist, short story writer, philosopher, theologian, and professor of humanities and foreign languages, Harold Raley has taught and lectured in American and foreign universities. He has served as academic chair and dean and was named Distinguished Professor. His writings include sixteen books of fiction, philosophy, history, theology, collected journalistic columns, and dozens of academic studies. A Southerner by birth and thematically by choice, Raley excels in stories and myths of the South and Southwest. South Carolina Aiken.