Lesser Mountains

Lesser Mountains

by Andrew Geyer

The voices of these characters are raw and real, and they cry out to be heard. The interwoven stories in Lesser Mountains delve into the lives of the fictional people living in and around the small town of Jordan, Texas, in much the same way Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kittredge does for those living in Crosby, Maine. Texas settings, common themes, shared imagery, and intertwined plots combine to reveal the life arcs of everyday folks who find themselves displaced by the passing of the rural Southwest Texas way of life. The protagonists for the major plotlines are introduced in the opening story, and the subsequent narratives link the trajectories of their lives in unexpected and fascinating ways—a novelistic effect that makes the whole much more than just the sum of its parts.

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About the Author


Andrew Geyer’s latest book is the hybrid story cycle Dancing on Barbed Wire, co-authored with Jerry Craven and Terry Dalrymple, and edited by Tom Mack. Geyer is also the co-author of Parallel Hours, an alternative history/sci-fi novel; and Texas 5X5, another hybrid story cycle from which one of his stories won the Spur Award for short fiction from the Western Writers of America. He co-edited the composite anthology A Shared Voice, also with Tom Mack. Geyer’s individually authored books are Dixie Fish, a novel; Siren Songs from the Heart of Austin, a story cycle; Meeting the Dead, a novel; and Whispers in Dust and Bone, a story cycle that won the silver medal for short fiction in the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards and a Spur Award for short fiction. A member of the Texas Institute of Letters, and recently selected for induction into the South Carolina Academy of Authors, Geyer currently serves as English Department Chair at the University of South Carolina Aiken.