A Thousand Miles Out of My Mind

A Caddo's Way

by Grant Sisk

"Styled after classic American road novels, Grant Sisk's A Thousand Miles Out of My Mind reads like a cross between Charles Portis's Norwood and Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. A high-torque comic journey written with terrific verve, it features a cast of outcasts from the lonelier parts of the Greater Southwest and mile after mile of metaphorical asphalt. As with the best of its predecessors, the true subject of Sisk's novel is America itself."

-Nick Norwood, Director of the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians 

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About the Author

Grant Sisk

Grant Sisk is a Texas-based writer and educator. He has published in a variety of genres but usually sticks to short stories and creative nonfiction essays. His work is eclectic, ranging from travel writing, historical society pieces, short stories, critical essays and creative non-fiction; A Thousand Miles Out of My Mind is his first novel. A Fulbright scholar, he has taught American Literature and Creative Writing at the university level and over the past ten years as traveled to various cities in Vietnam, South Korea and Costa Rica to lecture and conduct workshops on writing, teaching and program development at college and universities. In his spare time, Grant enjoys time with family and pets (family), international and domestic travel, reading, writing essays and short stories, working horses, hunting, camping, welding, working on the truck/stock trailer/Landcruiser/etc. - in general anything that keeps him outdoors.