Rottens, Chatterboxes, and Mayors: Three Short Plays from the Spanish Golden Age

Rottens, Chatterboxes, & Mayors: Three Short Plays: from The Spanish Golden Age

The three short plays in this volume deal with timeless important issues, have the potential for a diverse cast, and, perhaps most importantly, they are funny. Written during the Spanish Golden Age, they still resonate with a modern audience as they deal with the basic foibles of the human condition. Historians know that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), author of the first great novel, Don Quixote, certainly wrote The Election of the Mayors of Daganzo, and internal evidence in the other two plays suggests that Cervantes also wrote The Hospital of the Rotten and The Chatterboxes.

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About the Authors

Castillion-picA member of several professional organizations, Catalina Castillón’s research interests are on Baroque and Neobaroque artistic expressions, Hispanic Literature in the U.S., Globalization and Cultural Studies, and Folkloric manifestations in Galicia, Spain. She has several publications and multiple presentations on these topics. Together with Andy Coughlan, she has translated, adapted, and directed several Spanish plays from the 19th century and the Golden Age. Dr. Catalina Castillón was Associate Professor in the Department of English and Modern Languages at Lamar University and Assistant Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.
coughlan-picAndy Coughlan, a native of Brighton, England, has lived in Southeast Texas for 30 years. He is a playwright, actor, director, and writer who works with the non-profit Divergent Theater, founded by his partner, Ramona Young. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America. Coughlan is the advisor to University Press, the award-winning student newspaper of Lamar University. Coughlan is an exhibiting artist with seven solo exhibitions to his name and numerous group shows. He is the editor of Issue, the monthly arts magazine of The Art Studio, Inc., and has won multiple awards for his arts reviews, features, design, and photography, as well as his blog, English With a Bit of Texas. He and Catalina Castillón have collaborated in several endeavors, including an adaptation of Zorilla’s Don Juan Tenorio.