Pulse 2024

Pulse 2024

The annual, multi-genre anthology of creative and academic writing by Lamar University graduate and undergraduate students.

Pulse is the student literary magazine of Lamar University, in publication for over 50 years. It is staffed by our students and publishes their work exclusively.

This year's issue contains special contributions by one of our most treasured literary alumni and patrons, Dave Oliphant. Dave was kind enough to share some poetry and a reflection on Pulse, which first published his poetry.

This year's senior editorial team included graduate students from the MA English program: Keely Viator, Reilly Smith, and Christine Osborne; and undergrad English majors Britton Larson and Claudia Cooper. Erica Callahan, an LU engineering undergraduate, contributed the art for the cover, which was designed by Osborne.

The junior editorial team this year included undergrad English majors Mikaela Bartlett, Felix Campbell, Isabella Deese, Grace Harmon, Grace Nicholson, and Savanna Peveto-Kreatschman; Lily Yoder from the MA English program; and a recent graduate of the BA English, Teri Wolfe.

Order your copy of the 2024 issue here, and we hope to see you again next year!

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Thanks to the generosity of LU donors like Dave Oliphant, Pulse is able to offer cash awards to outstanding work in each genre. The 2024 winners are:

  • Zoë Landers, "Bedmaking," Eleanor Award for Undergraduate Poetry
  • Christine Osborne, "Countdown," Sanderson Award for Fiction
  • Brandon Stumpf, "Intellectual Filth: Nazification and Resistance at the Univerity of Munich," Rowe Award for Scholarly Essay
  • Jo Youngeun, "The Widest Road," Oliphant Award for Poetry in Translation
  • Erica Callahan, "Fake Flowers," Best of Art



  • Esveiri Arteaga, Poetry
  • Mikaela Bartlett, Poetry 
  • Patrick Blalack, Poetry
  • Daisy Calero Estrella, Poetry
  • Erica Callahan, Poetry, Prose
  • Felix Campbell, Poetry, Prose
  • Daniela Contreras, Prose
  • Claudia Cooper, Poetry, Prose
  • Robyn Gerry, Essay
  • Gwendalyn Henning, Poetry
  • Chassidy Hearn, Poetry
  • Benjamin Hernandez, Poetry
  • Mohamed Irhabi, Essay
  • Morgan Irvine, Prose
  • Mitchell Junious, Poetry, Prose
  • Gillian Laird, Prose
  • Zoë Landers, Poetry
  • Britton Larson, Poetry
  • Chad Le, Poetry
  • Chloe Lopez, Poetry
  • Davonna Martin, Poetry
  • Raul Martin, Poetry
  • Kaelee McCoy, Poetry
  • Kayla McKinley, Prose
  • Marquis Moore, Poetry
  • Grace Nicholson, Poetry
  • Dave Oliphant, Poetry, Reflection
  • Christine Osborne, Poetry, Prose
  • Savanna Peveto-Kreatschman, Prose
  • Zachary Pruitt, Poetry
  • Jarely Rebollar, Prose
  • William Rowley, Prose
  • Abigail Serrano, Poetry
  • Brandon Stumpf, Essay
  • Darlene Thomas-Pierre, Poetry
  • Keely Viator, Poetry
  • Teri Wolfe, Poetry
  • Jo Youngeun, Poetry in Translation

About the Editors

Keely Viator-Pulse LULP


Keely Viator, Chief Student Editor

Keely is a graduate English major with a particular interest in both creative prose and poetry. She loes character development and reflection, and she may ramble about it if given the opportunity. She also likes to work her art into her storytelling when she has the energy to do so.

Britton Larson-Pulse LULP

Britton Larson, Poetry Editor

Britton is a junior majoring in English. He loves to read, particularly high fantasy fiction, and he has recently enjoyed writing poetry as well. Britton enjoys working with Pulse as he gets to discover the writing talents of his fellow Cardinals.

Claudia Cooper-Pulse LULP

Claudia Cooper, Prose Editor

Claudia is an English major with a minor in creative writing. She has been Pulse's prose editor for two years and plans to make it a third. Claudia enjoys reading, writing, and annoying her friends whenever she has free time. Unfortunately for her friends, she has a lot of free time.

Erica Callahan-Pulse LULP


Erica Callahan, Cover Artist

Erica is a freshman civil engineering student. She enjoys reading, writing, making art, and working on math in her spare time. She hopes to one day have enough money to make a home library. She would also like to publish her writing someday (beyond the university).

Christine Osborne-Pulse LULP


Christine Osborne, Technical and Design Editor

Christine is a graduate English major and works with the Lamar University Literary Press as graduate editor. She has recently re-acquired an affection for poetry and finds herself composing poems in the middle of mundane conversations. Christine enjoys reading, playing Call of Duty, and sewing in her free time, which is often nonexistent.

Reilly Smith-Pulse LULP


Reilly Smith, Technical and Design Editor

Reilly is a novice poet, a mother, and a graduate student of English. She works as an academic advisor for the Undergraduate Advising Center at LU and enjoys working as a freelance editor in her spare time.