Using Globus

Globus was developed by computer scientists at University of Chicago and Argonne national laboratory designed for Researchers by Researchers.

Accessing Globus

  1. Go to, click Log In.
  2. You will be prompted to look up Lamar University.
  3. After selecting Lamar University, click Continue.
  4. Enter your LEA username and password.
  5. If this your first time accessing Globus, click Continue.
  6. Complete the sign up and click Continue
  7. Once complete, you’ll be directed to the Transfer Files page.

Globus Connect Personal

  1. On the Transfer Files page, click Get Globus Connect Personal
  2. Type Globus personal download page in the Display Name box
  3. Click Generate Setup Key
  4. Select the appropriate operating system to download
  5. Review the destination folder and click Install 
  6. Once complete, click Finish
  7. Type your PC name in the Display Name box
  8. Click Generate Setup Key