On-Campus Printing


Lamar University provides web printing in the Mary and John Gray Library and the Mamie McFaddin Ward Health Science building. Each student gets $10 of print credits each semester. Upload your documents using LU Print. Pick up your print job from the printers on the 1st floor of the Mary and John Gray Library, or the Mamie McFaddin Ward Health Science building. 

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I'm having problems using LU Print, where can I get help?

Visit our web printing support page

Where can I find an LU Print station?

Lamar University campus Mary and John Gray Library 1st floor and the Mamie McFaddin Ward Health Science building.

How much does printing cost?

At the beginning of every fall, spring and summer semester, each student's print balance will be recharged to $10. This balance is non-transferrable. Printing costs per page are listed in the table:

Paper Size B & W Color
Letter 1-sided : 1 cent 1-sided : 5 cents
Letter 2-sided : 2 cents 2-sided : 10 cents





Can I refund a print job?

Yes, please email the IT Service Desk at servicedesk@lamar.edu 

How do I report a problem?

Call the Service Desk at (409) 880-2222

Is there a time limit for picking up my document?

LU Print will hold your job for 30 minutes to print. After that the print job will be automatically deleted from the system.

Is LU Print secure?

Lamar University discourages patrons from printing materials that contain sensitive data such as social security numbers or other personal identification information.