Global Goodwill Ambassadors Program


The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Program (GGAP) is designed to assist new international students and scholars to adjust to the educational system and life in the U.S. and at Lamar University. Through their active engagement, the ambassadors will learn about other cultures, practice other languages, and make life-long international friends.

GGAP plays a vital role in developing and executing social, cultural, and educational programs.

Become a Global Goodwill Ambassador

Olivia Lott - President

Picture of Olivia Lott



Social Work
Bon Wier, Texas

I’m a social work major, helping and bringing people together is what I’d love to do. I’m honored to be President of this program and to bring together people of different cultures. I’m excited to share my culture and in turn learn more about others. I hope to help create bonds despite our diverse backgrounds and cultural differences.



My name is Tanya Nagra. I am from India and pursuing MBA with major concentration in Service Marketing and Management at Lamar. I am glad to be given an opportunity to serve as the vice president of Global Goodwill Ambassadors Program. I am excited to share my country’s cultural diversity with everyone here. Namaste! :)

Tanya Nagra - Vice President

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Andrea Figueroa - Vice President

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Social Work
Port Arthur, TX
Michoacan, Mexico

My name is Andrea Figueroa, I am from Port Arthur,TX, but my both of parents are from Michoacan, Mexico. My major is Social Work with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy meeting people from different cultures, traveling, and volunteering.

Chemical Engineering

Hey guys my name is Muhammad Balal Shahzad, I am originally from Pakistan and I came to America at the age of 3. I am studying to become a Chemical Engineer I am a member of many school organizations such as the MSA, AiCHE, and I am a project manager of ChemE car. My hobbies include learning about Islamic history and Islamic texts, hanging out with family and friends, playing badminton and playing ping pong . One of my goals with this organization is to educate the community of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Muhammad Shahzad - Treasurer

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Sierra Davis - Secretary

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Studio Art
New Orleans, LA

I am a Sophomore pursuing a degree in Studio Art, with the concentration in Photography. I am excited, as a domestic student, to be a part of this program sharing my Culture and learning others. I believe this program has the ability to bring people together through a different approach and platform. I am honored to be a part of making unity a reality.

Manhattan, Kansas

My name is Farouk El-Houbi. I am a junior pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in nutrition. I joined the GGAP program with the desire to
promote positivity, collaborate with individuals of diverse background both domestic and international, and to develop life long relationships. I
posses a few qualities which are needed in a diverse setting such as being open minded, patient, and reliable. I am honored to be involved in the
prestigious role of advancing the mission of the University and the GGAP program by uniting both domestic and international students.

Farouk El-Houbi - Event Coordinator

photo of Farouk A El-Houbi

Katelyn Long - Publicity Coordinator

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Special Education
Houston, Texas

Hello, My name is Katelyn Long. I am a Freshman here at Lamar University from Houston, Texas. I am majoring in Special Education and plan to graduate in May 2022. I am super excited to be apart of GGAP because I love making new friends and making a difference in people’s lives.


Hello and Salam! My name is Fizzah Noor Khan and I am an optimistic Pakistani American. Although it is my second year at Lamar University, I am classified as a junior. I am planning on graduating in 2020 with a psychology major, biology minor, and pre- occupational therapy concentration. My future goals are to become a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (DOT), and help others overcome various mental and physical disabilities in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fizzah Noor Khan - Sponsor Coordinator

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Samira Ahmed - Sponsor Coordinator

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Hello! My name is Samira Ahmed, and I am currently a sophomore majoring in biology with a concentration in pre-dental. I am a Pakistani at heart and
believe in helping others! My plan is to graduate in 2021, and my career goal is to become a humanitarian dentist that will be able to serve those in need.



Chemical Engineering
Port Arthur, TX

I am Midhinesh Raparthy, a Chemical Engineering major hoping to graduate in Spring 2020 and maybe do an MBA after Bachelor's. I am a domestic student but was born in India. I heard about the GGAP and thought This would be a amazing inclusion opportunity.

Midhinesh Raparthy - IT Coordinator

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Ashley Garner - Publicity Coordinator

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Lake Jackson, Texas

I am a first year student majoring in Psychology, classified as a sophomore. I am from Texas and am excited to be a part of Global Goodwill Ambassadors program.


Computer Science

Hi, my name is Prashant R. Ghimire. I'm a Graduate Student studying Computer Science. I'm also an International Student from Nepal. And my expected graduation date is May 2020. I wanted to be a part of GGAP to interact with people from various backgrounds and learn from them about their cultures.

Prashant R. Ghimire - Member

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Trenton G Rucker - Member

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Criminal Justice
Katy, Texas

I am a junior from Katy, Texas. I am studying Criminal Justice with intentions of getting a Ph.D soon. I truly enjoy being apart of the Global Ambassadors! I love the diversity, and the fact that we can all come together and enjoy each others company shows me that the world can do it as well! This is why I joined because of the teamwork and diversity and I look forward to the future with the Global Ambassadors.


Beaumont, Texas
Lahore, Pakistan

My name is Rida Ashrafi, I was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas but my parents are from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a junior majoring in Psychology. I am passionate and love to help others. My hobbies consist of D-I-Y projects and finding different ways to be creative through fashion. 

Rida Ashrafi - Member

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Marc Lerma - Member

Photo of Marc Lerma

Finance & Economics
Lake Jackson, Texas

Hello! My name is Marc Lerma and I am a junior at Lamar University. I am double majoring in Finance and Economics. I love reading, traveling and learning about everything. I truly enjoy business and anything business related. I am hispanic and I joined the Global Goodwill Ambassador Program so that I could broaden my understanding and knowledge about different cultures and people. I look forward to meeting people from all different walks of life and diversifying my understanding of humanity and culture.


Chemical Engineering 
Orange, Texas

Hello! My name is Edward Doan and I am a junior studying Chemical Engineering! I work with Student Government and Alpha Tau Omega with a dash of intramurals here and there. The Global Goodwill Ambassadors is a way to give back to students who have a similar story to my parents in their journey to the United States - I want to set them up for success so that they can inspire the next generation to do the same.

Edward Doan - Member

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