Port of Entry

Arrival Procedures

Instructions will be given at the port of entry. Travelers can expect to be asked a series of questions including but not limited to the purpose of travel and destination. Once your inspection has been completed, the personnel should:

  • Stamp your SEVIS Form for duration of status
  • Stamp your Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Card) and staple it in the passport

Students should make sure these two steps have been completed.  The documents must be stamped to complete the International Student Services Office registration. 

If you depart from the port of entry and your SEVIS form is not stamped, you will need to contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Services.  Students within the Houston, Texas area may contact (281) 443-4350, extension 221, for more information.

For frequently asked questions regarding admission processes and entering the United States visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Pickup

Lamar University offers a free airport pick-up service for new international students arriving at Houston or Beaumont airports. Arrangements for pick-up should be made prior to arrival in the US. Please fill out the Airport Pickup Form and email to airportpickups@lamar.edu to schedule your pick-up.

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