Texas Public Information Act

Previously known as the Texas Open Records Act, the Texas Public Information Act (referred to as the "Act" or the "PIA") provides the public a right of access to information collected, assembled, maintained, owned, or controlled by a governmental body. The purpose of the Act is to maintain the people's control "over the instruments they have created."  The Act is found in Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code.    

Lamar University is a governmental body subject to the Act.  Information that exists in any recorded format is subject to disclosure.  The Act does not require disclosure of information that has not been recorded and does not require that the governmental body create information that does not exist at the time it receives the request.  In addition, the Act does not require governmental bodies to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with continuing requests to provide information on a periodic basis for information prepared in the future.  Some information is excepted from required disclosure by the Act. 

Anyone may make a written request for copies of, or access to, public information. The University may contact the requestor for clarification pertaining to a request.  Information must be provided "promptly" (a reasonable amount of time which may vary depending on the facts of the case, the volume of information and whether an Attorney General ruling is requested), although most records are provided within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the request.  If additional time is needed, the University will notify the requestor.

To request public information from Lamar University, submit your request in writing:

By Mail:    Office of the President

                 Box 10001, Lamar University

                 Beaumont, TX 77710

By Email:   openrecords@lamar.edu

By Fax:     (409) 880-8404

In Person: Wayne A. Reaud Building

                  Office of the President, Room 316