Nominate Alumni for Alumni Advisory Board

Nomination Process

Lamar University Office of Alumni Affairs is accepting nominations on behalf of the Alumni Advisory Board to elect new board members for 2022-2023. Nominations are being accepted through May 27, 2022 and can be submitted by completing the form below or by emailing


Lamar University alumni are a vital part of the Lamar University community. Alumni Advisory Board members act as ambassadors of Lamar University to the community. Board members are "informed insiders" about the happenings at Lamar and are expected to spread the word about the good things happening at LU and answer questions about the University that may come up in their communities. Board members also provide feedback and advice to Lamar University on various topics as well as provide feedback about Lamar University Alumni programming, community outreach, and marketing efforts.


Members of the Alumni Advisory Board are selected by the Alumni Advisory Board Nominating Committee. To best represent all alumni of the University, the Alumni Advisory Board seeks diversity in its membership, including by age, gender, degree, ethnicity, and range of LU involvement. While no single characteristic defines an ideal alumni advisory board member, the board seeks nominees who are highly enthusiastic about Lamar University and Lamar University students. Board members should be committed to attend biannual meetings and should be interested in attending and supporting major LU alumni events such as homecoming and the Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner.

Term of Office and Meetings

Alumni Advisory Board members serve for one (1) three year term. There are three leadership positions on the board: President, President-Elect, and Past President who serve one year terms for each of the three roles. The President presides over all of the LU Alumni Board Meetings and is the official representative of the Lamar University Alumni Advisory Board at university functions. The President-Elect is next in line to lead the advisory board and is responsible for developing a vision and setting goals for the upcoming term. He or she is also designated to perform the duties of the President if he or she is absent. The Past President is the immediate past president of the advisory board and acts as an advisor to the board.

In order to be nominated for President-Elect, a board member must have served at least one year on the Alumni Advisory Board during the current term prior to nomination. 

The board has two general meetings in the evenings per year during the fall and spring semesters. The board also has two lunch-time committee meetings per year.

Alumni Advisory Board Nomination Form