Welcome and Mission

Welcome to the Department of Art & Design at Lamar University

Our students are prepared for professional careers in their chosen discipline by enhancing technical skills and refining aesthetic judgment through in-depth study in the studio along with participation in diverse community outreach and pre-professional opportunities.

Specific areas of study include: painting, animation, art history, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, electronic media, web design, cast metal, video editing, digital fine art photography, 3d printing, ceramics, etching, graphic design, surface design, photography, illustration, computer graphics, and lithography.

Images and visual communication continue to increase in cultural importance globally. Likewise, the ability to create, assess and effectively employ visual art and design skills becomes more and more essential for success in a variety of fields.

Lamar University Department of Art & Design graduates enjoy careers in studio art, education, museums, galleries, publishing, graphic design, advertising, computer graphics, arts administration and more.

Best Wishes!
Stephanie Chadwick, Associate Professor
Interim Chair, Department of Art & Design

Mission Statement

The Department of Art & Design seeks to nurture and empower the individual artistic practice, academic development, and personal growth of its diverse student body through innovative curricula in design, studio art, art history, art theory, and art education. Nationally recognized, the Department of Art & Design impacts and transforms the local community and beyond through community engagement activity, innovative academic programs, the creative and scholarly achievements of its faculty, and the educational and professional accomplishments of its students and alumni. Locally committed and globally engaged, the Department of Art & Design prepares its students for professional careers.