Retirement Plans

Options Offered

Teacher Retirement System

Lamar University offers the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) plan, a defined benefit plan, to all eligible employees. Employees in a benefits-eligible position who work at least half time (50% FTE, or 20 hours a week) are eligible to participate TRS.

The Teacher Retirement System plan provides a lifetime annuity when the employee meets full retirement criteria as defined by TRS.

TRS Overview (PDF)

Optional Retirement Program

Additionally, we offer the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) to benefit-eligible employees in particular types of positions, including: 

  • Faculty
  • Certain administrative positions
  • Certain executive positions
  • Librarians
  • Athletic coaches

ORP participants’ retirement income will be based on contributions to the plan and investment performance.

If eligible for ORP participation, you will receive notification from HR Benefits at the point that you first become eligible. Election of ORP has a 90-day deadline from when first eligible and is an irrevocable decision.

ORP Overview (PDF)

ORP Plan Document (PDF)

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

In addition to participating in a retirement plan, employees have the option to participate in Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans.

See the resources section below for more detailed information.

ORP Forms

For Optional Retirement Program (ORP) forms, please contact Human Resources at (409) 880-8375 or