December 7, 2016

Wednesday, 12/07/2016
Wayne A. Reaud Building
Submitted By:
Rachel Juneau


Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

Wayne A. Reaud Building #312


Meeting called to order by Craig Ness at 10:00 a.m. and adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


Attendees: Craig Ness, Kevin Smith, Priscilla Parsons, Vicki McNeil, Sherry Waldon-Wells, Larry Osborne, Charla Pate, and Tim Gonzales


1. Approval of Minutes         Wed., November 2nd, 2016

            (Craig Ness)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


2. Monthly Status Report


      (Priscilla Parsons)

Active Projects

□   Voice System Upgrade – no change

  Emergency Responder Configuration completed

  Migration will begin next week.

□   Digital Signage

  Proposals received and evaluated by team

  Finalist interviews to be scheduled.

□   Blackboard to Banner Grade Integration – active

  All outstanding issues have been resolved

  Registrar & DLC review and acceptance complete

  Pilot for Fall 3; Expected to include Business & Engineering Spring 2017

□   IT Service Management - active

  Anticipated go-live March 1, 2017

□   Security Awareness Program

  Website development complete (team project with marketing)

  Security awareness policy in draft

  Security Awareness Steering Committee has reviewed content and policy

□   Qualtrics replacement for SurveyMonkey

  Expected go-live May 2017

  Expect to retain access to Survey Monkey for up to one year to accommodate faculty survey exports.

□   Banner 9/XE

  Expected go-live HR, Finance, Financial Aid, Student: Feb 2017

  Banner 8 (current system) will remain concurrently available

□   Miscellaneous

  NSF Cyberinfrastructure Grant - active

  Environmental (HVAC) system upgrade to Struxureware

  5-year plan under development for full campus transition

  Requested cost estimate for budgeting purposes (vendor unresponsive)

  Student BYOD printing – paused

  High Performance Computing Cluster to be deployed in LU data center with College of Engineering

  Ad Astra Scheduling Software – report to be provided by David Short when requested

 Upcoming Projects

□   DLP – Data Loss Prevention – Identity Finder IT pilot in progress

□   eSignature (TSUS initiative) – implementation plan under development

□   Student Retention Technologies

Contract signed with Educational Advisory Board (EAB)

□   Possible development partner for Ellucian Analytics product – request demo for

IRR, et al.

□   Information Resources Risk Assessments are in progress. Information owners will

be asked/expected to participate in the risk assessments.

□   Sri is completing his review and getting cost estimates for a solution for

encrypting remote resources that faculty might be using. He will provide the

Academic Computing Committee with an update in January.   


□   Unplanned Outages: None

 1.   Academic Computing Committee

(Larry Osborne) 

Committee met on December 6th, and discussed the following:

Software inventory
Different types of licenses
Which software might be purchased with a site license?
When there is a site license, how do we determine which machines should have it?
Whose responsibility is it to manage and support the software on campus? Priscilla stated that most departments have their own technicians and manage their own software.
The need for a policy for open source software, which is the software that can be downloaded. It is not always clear who’s managing the software and where it can be placed. Priscilla stated standards/guidelines could be created of the criteria that one might use to evaluate open source software before being sanctioned to use.
Committee suggested that before hardware is purchased, the cost of the required software needs be known. Craig Ness requested that the Academic Computing Committee make a recommendation to the IT Steering Committee about how to review these purchases. 
Two motions were passed:
1.         To continue to support adobe (the adobe site license has been extended for one more year) and SPSS.

2.         Reduce maintenance costs by purchasing one site license for MATLAB.


4. Student Issues

Tim stated that with their allotted amount of pages (1,000 pages per semester), students prefer to pay once a semester rather than pay every time they print for the bring your own device printing program. He also suggested decreasing the amount of pages allotted to 500 (or number of actually usage) with the ability to print from their own device. He will present Craig Ness with a proposal.


5. Other Items

Mr. Ness announced that the control units on the parking gates on campus will be upgraded, which will require new access cards, and hopefully will be in place by mid-August.


Next Meeting Wednesday, February 1st, 2016 10:00 a.m. Wayne A. Reaud Building #312