University Information Technology Steering Committee

Membership & Reporting: appointment of members & chair by President; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Committee Members

Jim Marquart (Provost), Co-Chair Ex Officio
Craig Ness (VP, Finance & Operations), Co-Chair Ex Officio
Vicki McNeil (VP, Student Engagement) Ex Officio
Brenda Nichols (Vice Provost, Digital Learning) Ex Officio
Larry Osborne (Chair, Academic IT Committee) Ex Officio
Priscilla Parsons (VP, IT) Ex Officio
Charla Pate (Director, Web Communication) Ex Officio
Kevin Smith (Sr. Associate Provost) Ex Officio
Juan Zabala (VP, Advancement) Ex Officio
Derion Young (SGA Appointee, FALL 2017-SUM 2018