November 2, 2016

Wednesday, 11/02/2016
Wayne A. Reaud Building
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Rachel Juneau


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

Wayne A. Reaud Building #312


Meeting called to order by James Marquart at 10:00 a.m. and adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Attendees: James Marquart, Craig Ness, Priscilla Parsons, Juan Zabala, Vicki McNeil, Sherry Waldon-Wells, Larry Osborne, Charla Pate, and Tim Gonzales


1. Approval of Minutes         Wed., October 5th, 2016

            (James Marquart)

Minutes were distributed and approved as written.


2. Academic Computing Committee

(Larry Osborne)

Committee met last Thursday and discussed the following:

1.Available software licenses on campus.
·         Mr. Ness requested an inventory of all Lamar’s software licenses by the beginning of next year. A subcommittee was formed and now gathering the information. It will help determine if purchases are necessary, possibly save money, inform others on campus to what software has been purchased, and get rid of software that isn’t being used.

·         Priscilla stated that we need to include software packages that are mandatory for student classes.

2.Placing software on servers instead of downloading them on each computer located in labs.
·         Installing software on servers could give options for students to either download software on their individual device or possibly access it remotely.

3.Encrypting materials (primarily teaching materials) that are remote from the campus, and how to protect information on laptops if they are stolen or lost.
·         Sri, the Director of IT Security Systems, is reviewing three potential solutions. There will be demonstrations and a decision should be made on how to handle this issue by next March.


3. Monthly Status Report


      (Priscilla Parsons)

Active Projects

□   Ad Astra Scheduling Software – next report by David Short

□   Digital Signage

  RFP closed November 1st

□   Blackboard to Banner Grade Integration – at risk

  Last date of attendance issue during testing; escalation with Ellucian active

  Proposed pilot with small number of courses planned for Spring (1st 5 week session)

□   Endpoint encryption

  Management product discovery is underway (DIR approved vendors)

  Develop assessment criteria

  RFP/product demonstrations/product decision by end of calendar year

□   DLP – Data Loss Prevention – Identity Finder pilot

  Full IT Division pilot Oct-Nov

  Update provided to Academic Technology Committee 10/24

  Presentation to IT Steering Jan – Feb, 2017

□   IT Service Management – Service Now

  Service Desk module will replace current (unsupported) Unicenter software

  Scheduled go-live Feb 2017

  Other outcomes: configuration management database; customer knowledge base; resource planning and utilization

  May be reviewed by Facilities for work order processing.

□   Migration from SurveyMonkey to Qualtrics for surveys

  System-wide license for Qualtrics

  Implementation active

  Systems will run in parallel until Qualtrics fully operational and migration procedures have been established

□   Miscellaneous

  Student BYOD printing – active / paused

  Moving the primary Data Center from the Cherry Engineering Building to

       the Reaud Building.

  Desktop team is beginning a multi-year project around the converting

       approximately 2,000 machines to Windows 10. Working with Dell to

       help configure and deploy a certain number of Windows 10 units.

       Received some grant money from Microsoft with the stipulation of

       deploying 250 machines within the first year. Requesting that Tom

       Conley attend our next meeting to discuss the details on this project.

     Sri’s area is creating a Security Awareness Program for the campus.



□   Banner 9 testing and go-live by module (HR, position control, payroll, finance,

student, registration, etc).

□   Access Control Policy / Procedures for upcoming buildings

□   NSF Cyberinfrastructure Grant – Science DMZ - ongoing

Upcoming Projects

□   eSignature (TSUS initiative)

□   Student Retention Technologies

□   Possible development partner for Ellucian Analytics product

□   Possible HPC deployment with College of Engineering / CICE


□   Outages: None reported

Student Issues
 Once the inventory of software is complete and available, a survey will be sent to students to see how often they use it and what else they would like available. 

Charla Pate

Marketplace is up and running. Working on a priority list and have already created a couple of stores.


Next Meeting Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 10:00 a.m. Wayne A. Reaud Building #312